As visionary placemakers, Bronxx builds people a beautiful and enduring quality of life.

About Bronxx

Bronxx is a multi-award-winning placemakerarchitect, developer and builder specialising in luxury multi-residential, neighbourhood community and commercial projects that provide a beautiful and enduring quality of life. We are committed to enriching lives by placing people first in every project.

Our Placemaker Approach

“The distinct Bronxx feeling encapsulates confidence, pride, belonging, serenity, safety, contentment and beauty. Imagine coming home to this feeling every day.”
Ciaran Goodman, Founder of Bronxx

Culture & Values

With a vibrant culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance, we provide the safe environment for our people and partners to achieve, contribute, grow and flourish.


Bronxx has secured an industry-leading reputation for designing and delivering exquisite quality homes that connect people to nature while celebrating our uniquely Australian way of life.

Where luxury meets serenity

Named for their all-encompassing feeling of luxury and serenity, Omnia is a boutique collection of nine exclusive 3-bedroom coastal sanctuaries that capture and reflect the harmony of their exquisite location at 45 Parramatta Street, South Cronulla.